2 important tips for fluent english before you start learning

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If you are beginner in learning you need to exercise on some tips and tricks while learning english

English is different language no doubt but we need to make it beautiful by our speaking.

Never start you learning skills with negatives this makes others( listeners) to give negative impression for example don’t use examples like problem never this kind of negative words

give a continues flow to your self that is never break your sentence with un natural sounds like umm-uhhh-ahh instead pause yourself and start your self with a new sentence

Don’t use habitual words like “you know” “exactly” “yeah” sometimes even okay will also give the impression that you are not well-trained english spoken person

When you are really a beginner in learning then try to read comics or fairy tales which give you ample knowledge to speak with out breaks and knots,when reading fairy tales try to grasp how grammer words are used according to situation of that word

When you crossed the stage of fairy tales and comic books then go to some advanced reading like newspaper,which will take your english knowlwdge to next level

Start thinking in english:-What does it mean? it means whenever you want to tell something to others just frame that sentence before spelling out