Common mistakes made in asking questions in english grammer? (with answers)

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When we learn one language or when we speaking some language for conveying our information,now we will see what are the big mistakes that happen when we talk or write english, let’s see what are those mistakes and rectifications?

We generally use Do for asking questions like do u come home tomorrow ? actually this is wrong

why because do is not request form. When ever we want to request anybody or if you want request about anything then it should be in the form of requesting or formal way then we should use “could” or “would”

For example :- could you come home tomorrow for my home? as could and would are requesting forms it gives perfect sentence formation for that sentence

2nd common mistake

while we are learning it is not recommended to speak in past tense and mostly present tense is recommended while most of the learning skills come out with daily our speaking skills so use most of the time simple present tense so never learn english with past tense or past perfect tense, it may complicate your learning skills

3rd common mistake

Keep an on eye your mistakes,many people think one point in wrong way,generally while somebody learning english language or any other language we will suggest that not to get fear,but some learners will take that even if they talk or speak wrong sentences even though they will not rectify,so when we focus more on our mistakes we will be perfect learners….