How to learn spoken english in 3 simple steps?

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Generally learning english will have some simple steps,but today we will discuss about some different tips to learn english,

For example if we consider a student who is learning english or spoken english we will refer some books or some tutorials in internet or any other institution who teaches best in that particular city or place.

But here we will disucuss some new things where an individual can learn spoken english effectively

Different ways to learn english

  1. Try to speak with native working people as their accent will be wonderful and very effectively.
  2. Try to chat in any social media to improve your english skills,better chat with persons who have better english knowledge
  3. Try to self chat with your-self in mirror in this you can find your own mistakes while speaking english.
  4. read simple primary school englsh books where you can become perfect orator,generally english learners seek some professional teachers or professional books but it is always better to get learn english from small promary school books
  5. Whenever you think in english and speak then keep a habbit of writing in paper will make you to learn language better and better