How to reduce weight by eating curd-khader vali

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Khader vali is great scientist did immense investigation on millets and healthy lifestyle as he did almost 20 years of deep investigation he came to a conclusion of millets that there are totally 10 millets but millets have rich fiber and low carbs are only 5 millets and named it as siridhanyaaluComing to curd ,khader vali strictly said not to use milk and other bevarages like tea cofee instead he said to use curd and buttermilk which contains lot of   lactobacillus

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How lactobacillus works in loosing weight?

lactobacillus is a great bacteria and also helps in loosing weight by making our appetite reduced and also have lot calcium and milk proteins main thing is buttermilk or curd is it has very low calories which helps in weight loss

How To take buttermilk

1.Take buttermilk whenever you are hungry for eample in snack time and also

2.take some buttermilk after lunch or dinner to feel filly