How to setup car parking arena in your open land

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Car is a vehicle by which you can go out very comfortably with your family or with your friends or sometimes you can go with both.With the increase of income of people,standard of living and luxurious living of people.In olden days only rich people used to go by cars. But now a days middle class people are also purchasing cars.With the increase of number of cars,

Traffic problem is becoming headache day by day.People are not interested to go out on their foot.They use vehicles like bike and mopeds.These vehicles occupies space but not like a car.In 1980’s most of the people used bikes for travelling.So,If a couple goes to a shop by bike,There is no need to arrange parking arena for a small bike.But now, Most of us uses cars to shop,travelling,etc. Finally for a neighborhood distant place.

If you have a land or a plot which is more than 300 square yards,You can apply a permission letter to a respective government.If you got approved from the government. You can tender a parking slot and you can collect money those who parked cars and bikes in your land. By this you can earn money without construction of any type of building.