How to start a organic business with the low investment

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From the early mans, People eat vegetables when they feel hungry.From early mans to humans,People eat vegetables.Now people eat vegetables for two reasons,Main criteria to fill their belly and other reason to live healthy by eating healthy nutrition.Unfortunately,Now a days every vegetable has chemical steroid which every farmer eager to earn more money by selling more vegetables.

If you eat that type of vegetable one can can cancer,ulcer and any type of diseases.People are more confused to eat food,If it is correct one or wrong.Many of us ready to buy a clear and healthy food at whatever price they said.So if one can start a organic store,The can sell not only vegetables but also grains,fruits,non vegetarian items,eggs and many more raw eatables.If you compare a organic and non-organic store, Prices are too high in organic store.You will get a doubt that how to start a organic store.If you have a space which is more than 100 square feet .You can produce vegetables without using any chemicals and pesticides.So, You can start these business with a low capital and earns more and more money from customers.