What happens if you start a media based business

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Media is not a small word as we feel it is a five letter word.Media is not just like a local or street based news.It is a complex.Media is another name of the world.We can say it is a world media.Media means the happening around you and other places which is related to you.In 1960’s people used to see news in printed papers such as news papers. From 1990’s people started to watch news in television as the program called ‘doordarshan’. Later with the increase of technology and investments . More news channels has started for people.In 2000’s people used to watch news in both news papers and Televisions.In 2008, The radio industry has started. The began to entertain people in various aspects such as comedy,movie news,etc.After 2010 , Youtube channels started to play role in towns of India.Media means not about news and politics .

It combines news,entertainment,politics,sports,etc. Where a person or group of person entertains you.Now coming to the point,If you start a youtube channel, News papers and any other form of media.You need to have knowledge about the business which you are going to start.For example, A person started a news channel, He need to investment more than 40,000 rupees in his business initially,After that he should appoint persons related to work.He should have government and political party support.After satisfying these,He should concentrate on his business for his profits.If you want to start a media business which is less than 10,000 rupees capital.If you want to start a high capital media business, Televisin media is best.